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La Calavera honors Mexican baking traditions

Bread bakers rarely get enough sleep. Working in the Decatur commissary kitchen he rents, Eric Arillo, owner of La Calavera Bakery, doesn’t look especially bleary-eyed. But he casually mentions that he sometimes manages to catch only four or five hours of shut-eye over a three-day period. And every Friday, he pulls a twenty-four-hour shift to be ready for the farmers markets where his nutritious, deeply satisfying breads and Mexican sweets are growing more popular by the week.

Home-milled flour: If you can’t grow it, grind it

Here in the Southeast, we locavores have it pretty good. In a land where a bounty of food grows year-round, it’s a heck of a lot easier to eat locally than it is in, say, Minnesota. Even so, there are some foods we just can’t reliably produce here. Coffee comes to mind. And lemons, bananas, artichokes, cherries, avocados (the good kind), cocoa.

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