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Proof Bakeshop

Find sweet pastries and rustic sourdough at Proof Bakeshop

Across the street from the Inman Park MARTA station, bakers David Garcia and Abigail Quinn churn out magnificent rustic sourdough loaves, stubby baguettes, and a wide assortment of sweet pastries.
Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer Bread is a haven for traditional bread lovers

Brian Dulisse, former baker at SUgar Moon Bake Shop, has opened his own shop near Emory University, Lion Tamer Bread. Dulisse features his homemade breads for those who can't get enough of the crusty goodness that a good loaf offers.

Sweet & Savory: Exploring the rise of Atlanta’s Korean bakeries

Drive up and down Buford Highway or around Doraville and Duluth, and you’ll start to notice that Korean bakeries—pushing 20 by last count—practically line the roads. Their vibes range from soothing cafe to late-night hangout, where the Asian-majority clientele includes students hitting the books, elderly couples perusing, and friends of all stripes socializing over espresso drinks and bubble tea.

Greens and Ham Spoon Bread

In their James Beard award-winning tome, Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking, Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart aptly call spoon bread “the South’s answer to a soufflé.”  This recipe is a very slight adaptation of one of their variations on this cornmeal-based dish, which is more of an airy casserole than a bread. Add a salad, and you have a light but satisfying meal, good for a simple supper or brunch.  –Susan Puckett 

La Calavera honors Mexican baking traditions

Bread bakers rarely get enough sleep. Working in the Decatur commissary kitchen he rents, Eric Arillo, owner of La Calavera Bakery, doesn’t look especially bleary-eyed. But he casually mentions that he sometimes manages to catch only four or five hours of shut-eye over a three-day period. And every Friday, he pulls a twenty-four-hour shift to be ready for the farmers markets where his nutritious, deeply satisfying breads and Mexican sweets are growing more popular by the week.

Why Is Quality Bread Service Disappearing?

Lately when I call restaurants for reservations, I’ve started asking, “Do you serve bread?” Five years ago it would have been a ridiculous question, but in an effort to cut costs, fewer places are putting the staff of life on tables to begin meals. When I first ate at the Lawrence in Midtown earlier this year, for example, my waiter honked, “We don’t offer bread service.” When I pointed out that some of the dish descriptions included homemade croutons, a cook sent a piece of grilled bread my way and the restaurant charged me a dollar for it.

Golden Brown Puffed Cheesy Rice Spoon Bread

From "BakeWise" by Shirley O. Corriher

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