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Oy Veg Kitchen serves up comfort with its vegetarian knishes

After several years in Atlanta, Liz Mennen, 29, realized what was missing from her life in the South: knishes. The New York-bred actuary had grown up eating the Eastern European comfort food. “To me, they taste like a hug.”

Shell your fresh peas at the Brookhaven Farmers Market

Most are sold in their shell, as dictated by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, but at Brookhaven Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, Mollyville Farms owners Don and Maggie Mills let you run your peas through their portable sheller after you pay for them.

Chamblee Farmers Market moves to Brookhaven

If you’re looking for the Chamblee Farmers Market this weekend, don’t go to Chamblee. It packed up and moved to Brookhaven.This Saturday, 13 months after its debut, the Chamblee Farmers Market will relocate to 1441 Dresden Drive and become the Brookhaven Farmers Market.

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