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BNI founder Ivan Misner: Now is the time to develop a ‘hybrid’ approach to networking

Networking is all about building relationships. And in the eyes of networking expert Ivan Misner, it is during tough stretches such as the one brought about by the COVID pandemic that businesspeople need to work harder than ever to maintain their networks.

Michael Dubin’s secret to success: “A relentless curiosity” and “an indefatigable energy for problem solving”

It would be a stretch to call Michael Dubin an energy conservationist. However, considering that Dubin started Dollar Shave Club in 2011 and sold the direct-to-consumer razor blade business to Unilever for $1 billion just five years later, it might be worth listening to what he has to say about how to put your personal energy to optimal use.

Award-winning CEO Todd Graves’ message to business owners: Find your one love and stay true

William Shakespeare coined the phrase "To thine own self be true." Todd Graves has applied that philosophy to his business life with great success in building Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers into the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country, and he recommends others do the same.

Brian Solis: How customers are evolving, and how your company must adapt to keep them

Over the past 20 years, Brian has dedicated his work to understanding the impact of Digital Darwinism on businesses, markets and society.His research explores innovation, digital transformation, experience design, the cognitive enterprise, and technology's effects on human behavior.He has a unique gift of humanizing these trends to make change and innovation purposeful and inspiring to help leaders reimagine the future.

Patrick Lencioni: ‘Too many executives focus on the money, power and pleasures’ of their position. Here’s why it’s ‘very dangerous’ for the organization

Joy is not a word often associated with work. However, in the view of author and organizational health expert Patrick Lencioni, joy “is the leading indicator” of whether an organization is healthy and is something he can gauge just by walking around a workplace.

Steve Cannon: ‘Great leaders are present’

"Great leaders are present; they are there on the field, not sitting in a corner office trying to absorb data through spreadsheets," said Cannon, who is CEO of AMB Group, which operates Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the NFL's Atlanta Falcons, Major League Soccer's Atlanta United and the PGA Superstore retail chain. Instead, Cannon said, great leaders "are absorbing data through observation, through contact, and I find that model of leadership... is very, very powerful."

Coach Nick Saban shares key steps on the journey to success, whether it’s football or business

As a football coach who has led his teams to seven national championships, Nick Saban knows a little something about traveling the road to success. And in Saban's eyes, success in football or in...

John Maxwell: Covid-19 has been a proving ground to reveal true leaders in business

"Crisis brings out the best and worst in people," says leadership expert John Maxwell, and the world-changing effects of Covid-19 have presented a proving ground to reveal who the true leaders are in workplaces...

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