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Nick Leahy dishes on closing Nick’s Westside, turning his attention to Vice Kitchen butcher

If the name Nick Leahy sounds familiar, it’s because he’s done it all. He ran Saltyard, the Brookwood small plate restaurant for many years in the 2010s, opened the now-defunct American pub the Usual in Brookwood, and launched fine dining French spot Aix and accompanying wine bar Tin Tin pre-Covid. In 2020, he transformed Aix and Tin Tin into a more casual restaurant called Nick’s Westside. Last week, Leahy shuttered Nick’s, choosing instead to spend more time with his family and turn his attention to other opportunities—namely, a butcher and retail spot in Johns Creek. Called Vice Kitchen, it is slated to open January 20 on Medlock Bridge Road.
Stella Mart

Behind the meat counter at Stella Mart, a Bosnian grocery and butcher in Lawrenceville

“You go to any Bosnian house, they will make sure you eat something,” said Admir Junuzovic, sitting across from me at a metal table outside Stella Mart, the Bosnian grocery and butcher he owns in Lawrenceville. Junuzovic—who began working at Stella Mart as a teenager when his parents opened it in 2005—had agreed to meet early, before his day filled up with county inspectors, orders, and so on.

Kinship Butcher & Sundry targets a February 1 opening in Virginia-Highland

Located in the former home of Goin’ Coastal’s bar area, Kinship will serve as a market and meeting place for neighbors to purchase fresh meat, sandwiches, coffee, and basic pantry items, each sourced from local purveyors, farmers, and artisans.

Why Pine Street Market’s Rusty Bowers will never sell filet mignon

Pine Street Market's Rusty Bowers on the value of culinary school, his favorite steak, and the weirdest thing he's ever butchered.

Pine Street Market and Riverview Farms are opening Atlanta’s first farmer-owned butcher shop

Rusty Bowers wants to help showcase local farmers on a larger platform. “Now that we both have wonderful infrastructure in place, the next step was opening a high-end store that people can come to from all over Atlanta,” he says. “We want it to be a little culinary, meat driven mecca.”
Best of Atlanta 2015

Butcher: Pine Street Market

With one of the friendliest smiles in town, Rusty Bowers doesn’t look like someone who breaks down animal carcasses for a living.

His East Cobb Butcher Shop Is a Cut Above

Patrick Gebrayel has the massive hands and brawny shoulders of someone who carves up beasts for a living. On his business cards, Gebrayel identifies himself as the “Head Meat Head” of Heywood’s Provision Company, the butcher shop—focused on local and sustainably raised animals—he opened two years ago in an East Cobb shopping center.

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