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An ode to the Publix birthday cake

An ode to the humble Publix birthday cake

Are there better cakes? Sure: They’re made in local bakeries or by cottage bakers with locally sourced dairy, heirloom flour, and fancy European-style buttercreams. But they’re expensive and require planning—it’s hard to beat $20 for an eight-inch round cake that can be picked up on a whim and still tastes great.
Here's where you'll find Atlanta's best pastries (and breads!)

The sweet side of town: Our guide to Atlanta’s best pastries (and breads!)

We celebrate the city’s finest, from bejeweled macarons to no-frills doughnuts, flatbreads to cornbreads, gooey Filipino blondies to fancy Rice Krispie treats, Korean cream breads to French fruit tarts—and everything in between.
Essential Atlanta pastries

The essential elements of Atlanta pastry

Creamy, flaky, fancy, red, green, vegan, Brazilian—whatever kind of treat you’re looking for, here’s where to find it.

Atlanta, here’s where to outsource your holiday baking

These beautiful and tasty treats that will take the pressure off anyone with less-than-stellar baking skills—and get some gifts out of the way, too. Holidays, handled.
Coconut Rum Cake

Must-have dessert: A Cup a Cake’s coconut rum cake

Until five years ago, Marlene Baker had never put beaters to batter. Luckily, Baker—the self-taught creator of A Cup a Cake’s golden, delicate coconut rum cakes—is a quick study.
Caroline Kilgore

New Bakery: Proof Bakeshop

Inman Park’s newest bakery isn’t just a place to score sweet slices of lemon pound cake, crumbly Linzer cookies, and savory, eggy scones (try the cheddar and chive).
Cake Art

Cake Art is a baker’s paradise

Looking for dinosaur cake toppers or 20 different colors of sprinkles? Cake Art is like a baker’s version of craft mecca Michaels, offering fondant in every hue, Darth Vader–shaped pans, and all the cake cutters and piping bags you’ll ever need.

The Christiane Chronicles: Atlanta’s best cakes, and what’s so Southern about fried food?

I have nothing against pies, but when it comes to the ancient debate pitching pie lovers against cake fanatics, I align myself firmly with the second group.

Cranberry upside down cake

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the traditional pumpkin pie is an obvious dinner finale. Those looking for something different should consider this cranberry upside down cake, which combines fresh cranberries and raspberry jam and can be made the night before.

Sammy Cheezecake’s Samuel Smith Jr. is the best Atlanta baker you’ve never heard of

With the towering six-foot-five frame of a basketball starter, Samuel Smith Jr. is an unlikely craftsman of delicate baked goods. Yet his fluffy cakes and toothsome cheesecakes have attracted clients like Georgia Power, Home Depot, Morehouse College, and Cox Communications.

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