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What It’s Like To: Cure a Child with Cancer

Childhood cancer is like a journey that starts when you meet a new family, a new patient. Nobody expects children to have cancer. It’s literally unbelievable. So there’s this big element of shock and fear and grief. These truly are diseases that threaten the life of their beautiful child.

Against the Odds: Brandy Green

Jeremy had gone hunting, so two days after Christmas, Brandy Green rose late to make breakfast alone. She and Jeremy lived in a small, white-brick ranch house near Brandy’s parents in Ellijay. Together six years, married three, they were having trouble getting pregnant and Brandy had started fertility treatments. She thought about this as the coffee brewed.

I Have This Thing

Imagine this: One morning you wake up and you have this thing. It’s right there on your chest, not your breast, but your chest, as though you are in the habit of wearing cheap metal pendants—and you actually have that habit, since on your last birthday your daughter made you a necklace out of rubber bands and colored paper clips—and all of a sudden you developed an allergy to that metal.

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