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Exercising in traffic

I tossed a five-foot resistance band into the Civic, knowing I'd hit some traffic later that afternoon, while heading across town. Sure enough, I was at a standstill on Georgia 400 around 4pm. But unlike most people standing still in late September, I was sweating.

June 2013

I am part of the problem. I‚Äôve suspected as much for a long time, but reading Rachael Maddux‚Äôs essay on riding MARTA forced me to face the truth head-on. The facts are simple: I live about 200 paces from a MARTA station, and from there it‚Äôs an eleven-minute ride‚ÄĒprecisely‚ÄĒto Five Points station, from which it‚Äôs a ten-minute walk to my office.

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