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Asha Gomez comes to Studioplex with the Third Space

Asha Gomez, chef and owner of Cardamom Hill, is branching out from the restaurant business into another aspect of the food world: She'll open the Third Space at Inman Park's Studioplex in late February. Multifunctional and custom built with Miele appliances, Gomez says the space will be a one-stop destination for chef demos and classes, private dinners, tastings, and more.

2012 year in review

A handful of hotspots opened, longtime staples closed, and more and more local chefs became reality TV stars. Foodies tried to counter the effects of pork over-indulgence by eating more kale. Bitter-laced cocktails maintained their momentum, and farm-to-table fatigue set in (for the expression and the overload of pimento cheese, anyway; local, seasonal ingredients should be a given in any ambitious restaurant). Food trucks banded together and opened a park—twice. The list goes on and on. Read on for the monthly highlights . . . if for no other reason than to say “remember when.”

Table Talk: Cakes and Ale, Cardamom Hill nominated, Hugh Acheson to relocate flagship, Antico to open gelato shop

Cakes and Ale, Cardamom Hill nominated for Bon Appetit's best new restaurants Represent. Bon Appétit has released their list of the top 50 Best New Restaurant Nominees for 2012, and two Atlanta hotspots made the cut.

Cakes and Ale, Cardamom Hill nominated for Bon Appetit’s best new restaurants

Bon Appétit has released their list of the top 50 Best New Restaurant Nominees for 2012. Among the nationwide search, they've included two Atlanta restaurants: Cakes and Ale and Cardamom Hill.

Table Talk: White Oak Kitchen opens, Gluten-free fried chicken at Cardamom Hill, and Kessler reviews The Optimist

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails opens in Downtown Atlanta Who’s thirsty? White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails quietly opened its doors this week and is rocking a giant list of cocktails, among other interesting southern chic, farm-to-table dishes.

Gluten-free fried chicken introduced at Cardamom Hill

Asha Gomez of Cardamom Hill announced today that she's adding a rather non-traditional item to her menu: gluten-free Kerala-style fried chicken. Gomez has inspired much admiration in Atlanta with her elegant take on the food of Kerala, the southern state in India where she grew up. None of her dishes have struck as much of a chord as her fried chicken, though.

Cardamom Hill

It might be easy at first to doubt the authenticity of the cooking at Cardamom Hill, Atlanta's first regional Indian fine-dining restaurant. In what other South Asian place have we seen such precise knife skills, or exquisite sense of composition, or range of colors? And who thinks of sliced beets with spiced yogurt, marinated boneless chicken thighs fried in lacy batter, duck and plantain croquettes with figs and cinnamon, or colorful salads topped with tropical fruit as part of the Indian culinary lexicon?

Cardamom Hill to open January 2, 2012

Cardamom Hill—the restaurant showcasing the cuisine of Kerala, the southwestern-most state of India—will give a spicy kickoff to the New Year when it opens January 2. Executive chef-partner Asha Gomez ran the popular Spice Route Supper Club and, encouraged by the accolades she received for her native cuisine, decided to leap into the restaurant business.

Spice Route Supper Club Opening Cardamom Hill Restaurant

Thrilling news for Indian food lovers: Asha Gomez, the creator of Spice Route Supper Club, is going into the restaurant business. Her place, called Cardamom Hill, is scheduled to open this fall at 1700 Northside Drive, in the same Berkeley Heights shopping center as a Little Azios outpost. (She’s taking over the former space of My Girlfriend’s Kitchen.)If you’ve been to a Spice Route dinner, you’ll know what makes this venture particularly exciting: Gomez concentrates her cooking on the specific flavors and dishes of her native Kerala, the southwestern-most state of India. Kerala has for centuries been a major port of the European-African-Asian spice trades, with longstanding Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu culinary traditions that often overlap.

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