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Yumbii to open its first permanent location in Brookwood Village

Even though Carson Young is planning to open multiple locations of Yumbii, his food trucks aren’t going anywhere. “Our roots will always be in the food truck space,” he says. “But after finding the right location, we’re excited to finally open a permanent taco stand.”

Yumbii Tacos

Could anyone have guessed that a posh Buckhead family would be the ones to roll out the city’s first gourmet Korean taco truck? I met Rebecca Young, who runs Rebecca Boutique on Cains Hill Place, last year when I started organizing meetings to jump-start the kind of vibrant street food scene in Atlanta that already thrives in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon. Rebecca had done research on the subject with her son, Carson, a handsome graduate of Woodward Academy and Ole Miss who doesn’t let the fact that he is deaf interfere with his social or professional life. Carson accompanied Rebecca on buying trips to Los Angeles: Rebecca would shop for merchandise, while Carson would drive around and explore the city’s gourmet food truck culture. He finally took his mom to the famous Kogi truck that serves Korean tacos. They looked at each other as they devoured lunch and agreed: Carson should introduce this experience to Atlanta.

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