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5 reasons to love Chamblee

With residents hailing from around the world, Chamblee is one of Georgia’s most multicultural communities, and it continues to grow. Restaurateur Mike Plummer takes us on a tour.

Ashe-Simpson Garden Center moving to new location to make way for new shopping center

Ashe-Simpson Garden Center will be in a new home by the middle of October, making way for a new shopping center that will include Whole Foods and Taqueria del Sol.

Can Factory Girls, a new incubator, grow a high-fashion industry in Atlanta?

In the world of Atlanta fashion, there are young designers fresh out of schools like SCAD, and there are shoppers. What there isn’t: infrastructure for designers to produce collections, meaning local talent takes off to the garment districts of New York and L.A.

2. Treasure hunt at Chamblee Antique Row

Though we’re still devoted to the monthly Scott Antique Market, rarely are we surprised by what we find there.

Zen Tea, Dr. Bombay’s, Cafe 101

I didn’t grow up drinking tea. As a child, I had a big bowl of café au lait with plenty of sugar every morning, eventually graduating to espresso as a teenager. Until I was in my twenties, the closest I ever came to tea was soothing tisanes made with chamomile or linden blossoms when I had an upset stomach and couldn’t get to sleep. Tea was something the English did, and we, the French, would have none of it.

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