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Hangout Music Festival

May Getaway Guide: Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival, 3 great hotel bars, and more

Enjoying top-caliber live music at Alabama's Hangout Music Festival, learn H. Harper Station owner Jerry Slater's favorite hotel bars, and more.

Scene change: The Atlanta Lyric Theatre’s new venue

Back in 2007, the Atlanta Lyric Theatre left its Georgia Tech home for Marietta’s Strand Theatre, and then the Cobb Civic Center. In its latest move, the Lyric has purchased Theatre on the Square’s black-box performance space in a onetime alley.

Chicago, IL

It’s known as the Windy City and the Second City. Next month, it may be known as host city to the 2016 Olympics. Famous for its skyscrapers, sports, blustery weather, and bloviating...

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