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See chocolate-making in action at Bitzel’s Chocolate, opening in Suwanee

Ray Bitzel has been hand-making truffles since he was a child, helping his mother who operated a baked goods store. When he got older, he studied chocolate-making in Belgium before opening Bellejais Chocolatier in Kennesaw. His original shop shuttered in a trademark dispute, but Bitzel never lost his passion for the creamy indulgence. He’ll open Bitzel’s Chocolate, a 7,000-square-foot factory, educational experience, and retail store serving gourmet chocolates, bon bons, bark, truffles, and more.

6 places to find hot chocolate bombs in Atlanta

Hot chocolate bombs are cute, colorful, and delicious—and there are plenty of folks making them here in Atlanta. Here's where to shop local.

Bright pink ruby chocolate is hitting Atlanta’s dessert menus

Heralded by Belgian chocolate manufacturer Callebaut as the world’s fourth chocolate, the rose-colored confection has a strong chance of becoming the next viral ingredient filling Instagram feeds. It's already on Atlanta dessert menus.
Reese's honey roasted peanut cup

Do Hershey’s Georgia-branded honey-roasted peanut Reese’s Cups improve the perfect candy?

The Hershey Flavors of America candy series gives a shout out to Georgia in the form of a honey-roasted peanut Reese's Cup. How does it compare to a normal Reese's?
Haste makes waste

The Christiane Chronicles: Meal delivery services turn haste into waste

I shiver every time I hear an ad for Blue Apron. The New York–based company ships ready-to-cook meals all over the country, with recipes and premeasured ingredients packed in tiny plastic pouches and containers, all tightly surrounded by ice packs. Think of the waste!
Lolli and Pops

Lolli and Pops is a whimsical candy land

Like a mashup of Harry Potter’s and Willy Wonka’s respective worlds, Lolli and Pops at Perimeter Mall is pure, sweet magic.
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Chocolates: Jardí

Jocelyn Gragg’s chocolates are so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.
Jardí gifts for Mother's Day Atlanta

Two Atlanta chocolates to gift for Mother’s Day

Save Mom from another Whitman’s Sampler with a box of jewel-like Jardí chocolates or a design-your-own bar from Twigg & Co.

Twigg & Co. brings healthy, sustainable chocolate to Inman Quarter

Cacao owner Kristen Hard’s latest project, Twigg & Co., wants to give customers a healthy and sustainable treat. Her tiny store lets customers design their own chocolate bars, choosing from toppings such as rum raisins and pecan pralines, for only $5.50.

How to properly prepare Xocolatl’s hot chocolate

Ignore the instructions on the package of Xocolatl’s hot chocolate mix, which call for too little chocolate and sugar “to taste.”

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