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Danai Gurira

Editor’s Note: Movie central

Here at Atlanta magazine, we have a thing for AMC’s The Walking Dead. The model for our fall fashion shoot this month is Danai Gurira, whose character, Michonne, uses a samurai sword to dispatch zombies. In our fashion issue last fall, one of her costars, Christian Serratos, also served as our model. This month’s cover, in fact, represents the third on which we’ve featured a star from the show.
Christian Serratos

Retro invasion: The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos shows off fall fashion at Terminus

Rosita returns to Terminus (in real life, a Mechanicsville metals processor), modeling throwback styles.
Walking Dead Rosita Christian Serratos

The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos talks style, season 6, and zombie nightmares

We chatted with the actress about The Walking Dead's next season, her style, and her favorite spots in Atlanta.
Christian Serratos

September 2015: If the shoe fits

Since turning 40 six years ago, I’ve been waiting for my midlife crisis to start. Only recently did it occur to me that I’m already neck-deep in it, and that perhaps I’m like the frog in the slow-to-boil water who didn’t think to jump out until it was too late.

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