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Swemkids Atlanta

SwemKids, Atlanta’s largest Black-owned swim school, is helping change the aquatic narrative

Trish Miller’s near-tragic story is one of the reasons she started SwemKids. On a college trip in 1996, a group of girlfriends found out Miller couldn’t swim, so they decided they were going to teach her. Not really thinking, Miller jumped in the deep end of a pool after her lesson. She started panicking in the water. Thankfully, somebody was there to rescue her.
Remembering WERD

How WERD became the first Black-owned radio station in the U.S.

From Black-owned financial institutions and restaurants to Ebenezer Baptist Church, the NAACP, and the legendary Royal Peacock nightclub, Atlanta’s Black history makers have always made their way to Auburn Avenue. So it should be no surprise that, tucked away in a small brick building on that iconic street, is the site of the first Black-owned radio station in the United States, WERD.
Long live the Atlanta University Center

Long live the Atlanta University Center

The Atlanta University Center has shaped generations of leaders—for the nation and for their home city. Atlanta would be nothing like it is today without it.
Atlanta University Center and hip-hop

What hip-hop owes to the Atlanta University Center

Atlanta hip-hop would not be what it is today without the Atlanta University Center. It’s a bold statement, but one that rings true—the roster of artists, DJs, and music executives who’ve graced the AUC campuses is a veritable who’s who of the music industry, and the AUC has been instrumental in molding the fabric of Atlanta’s hip-hop culture.
Fountain Hall at Morris Brown College

Some of Atlanta’s historic HBCU buildings are still in peril

Just west of the futuristic origami that is Mercedes-Benz Stadium, some of Atlanta’s most richly historic buildings stand abandoned on a hilltop like oversize, graffiti-strewn headstones in a forgotten cemetery. One gate of the tall chain-link fence surrounding some of these Vine City properties is bent dramatically outward, as if a velociraptor escaped. But just beyond that, a deep-red billboard stands like a beacon of hope, reading: “Master Plan Development Underway . . . Details Coming Soon.”
Despite an uneven economic playing field, HBCU athletic programs vow to keep winning

Despite an uneven economic playing field, HBCU athletic programs vow to keep winning

Athletic programs at the 10 Georgia-based HBCUs still have financial issues to confront. According to College Factual, Fort Valley State’s annual athletic budget is $2.6 million. CAU’s is $4.3 million. And while those numbers may sound significant, they’re mere trickles compared to the $169 million the University of Georgia allotted for sports expenses in 2022.
Clark Atlanta University Homecoming Timeline

Clark Atlanta University Homecoming: A timeline

Kasey Phillips Brown (class of ’94) and Minyon Frazier-Foluke (class of ’93) meet up with friends for the Clark Atlanta University Homecoming nearly every year. Kasey travels from Lakewood, California, and Minyon from St. Louis. Here's how they plan their weekend.
What arts exhibits are currently on display at the Atlanta University Center

Arts exhibits currently on display at the Atlanta University Center

There are a fount of art offerings on the Atlanta University Center’s campuses—and cross-institutional programming and curriculum to glue it all together. Here's what you can see on campus now.
Atlanta University Center famous alumni yearbook photos

Yearbook Memories: See Atlanta University Center alumni before they became household names

A roundup of yearbook photos of famous Atlanta University Center alumni, including Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel L. Jackson. Raphael Warnock, Stacey Abrams, Tayari Jones, and more.
HBCU merch

Time to represent: Check out these cool pieces of Georgia HBCU merch

No one rocks the merch quite like the students and alumni of historically Black colleges and universities. Have you planned your Homecoming wardrobe?

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