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St. Simons Lighthouse Museum

44. St. Simons Lighthouse Museum, St. Simons Island

There’s all kinds of trivia here: A lighthouse has operated at this port for more than 200 years; keepers were often nicknamed “Wickie”

23. How to visit Ossabaw Island

Several times a year, anyone can explore this remote paradise through the nonprofit Ossabaw Island Foundation.

Georgia’s coast is almost as fertile as a tropical rainforest—and almost as threatened

Among ecosystems, Georgia’s coast ranks near tropical rainforests in fertility and productivity. Its nine major estuaries (or sounds), 14 barrier islands, and some 400,000 acres of salt marsh—a third of all salt marsh along the entire Atlantic coast—connect to the ocean and each other.

1. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

Hidden down an unassuming palmetto-lined path is the most visually stunning shore on Jekyll Island. At Driftwood Beach, whole trees rest on their sides, creating a cemetery of twisted, distressed wood.
Eagle Island

51. Eagle Island

For the ultimate exclusive getaway, rent an entire island. Ten-acre Eagle Island comes with a vacation lodge surrounded by a 1,500-square-foot wraparound porch.

10. Designer deals on St. Simons Island

Tibi founder Amy Smilovic grew up on St. Simons Island, which is home to one of only two Tibi clothing boutiques worldwide. Nearby is also the discount outpost of local shop Nancy.

43. How to visit Wassaw Island

Designated a National Wildlife Refuge in 1969, Wassaw Island has a quieter reputation than nearby Sapelo or Cumberland.

21. Georgia 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, Jekyll Island

Pick up horseshoe crabs that tickle when they try to pinch, watch baby alligators play, and see loggerhead turtles swim.

27. How to visit Cumberland Island

Arrange a day or camping trip through the National Park Service, with ferry rides from St. Mary’s.

3. Dungeness, Cumberland Island

The 18-mile island’s crown jewel was once Dungeness, a 59-room mansion built by the Carnegie family in 1884.

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