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Commentary: The core problem with Cobb

It can’t have been easy to be a Cobb resident this week. Since Monday’s surprise announcement of the Braves’ impending relocation to a vacant lot near Cumberland Mall, the prevailing attitude from the rest of the metro area has been: Effing *Cobb*. Those highway-worshipin’, Applebees-eatin’ suburbanites spit in the face of progress [time][1] and [again][2], then steal our baseball team.

The wizards of Cobb finally speak on Braves deal

When the Braves announced their move to the burbs on Monday, there was plenty of vocal vitriol from ITPers. But there was surprisingly little celebrating, let alone gloating, from the people of Cobb County. That low grumble you heard instead was the angry muttering and collective unsettling of suburbanite stomachs of a tax base left to wonder where the hell Cobb’s share of the money for the new stadium was going to come from. And Cobb officials were saying nothing to salve the dyspepsia.

Mayor Reed to Braves: You’re my favorite team–I just can’t give you enough tax dollars

At today's press conference, Mayor Kasim Reed announced that the sixty-acre tract currently occupied by Turner Field and acres of asphalt will be developed into housing for middle-income residents.

Michael Lake settles protective order

Two weeks after being released from a dubious and inexplicably long incarceration in Cobb County Jail, Michael Lake was summoned from his home in Maine, 1,200 miles away, back to Marietta so a woman he hasn’t seen outside of court in almost fifteen years could try to enjoin him from coming within 500 yards of her.

Michael Lake finally has his day in court

It’s probably safe to say that as an inmate, Michael Lake didn't lie in his Cobb County jail cell for more than a year dreaming about spending his first full day as a free man cooped up in the Cobb County courthouse.

Why is Michael Lake still in a Cobb County jail?

A mentally ill Smyrna man has been sitting in Cobb County jail for nineteen months without bond for essentially mailing legal papers to a junior-high crush he hadn’t seen for fifteen years. Why?

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