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Allergic to human touch? Colleen Oakley’s latest novel explores the idea

In her new book, Close Enough to Touch, metro Atlanta novelist Colleen Oakley considers the practical and emotional ramifications being allergic to human touch. We recently chatted with Oakley about her inspiration for the book.

Interview: Author Colleen Oakley of Before I Go

This month, journalist Colleen Oakley publishes her debut novel, Before I Go, a poignant look at issues of death, life, coping, and letting go. I spoke with her about craft and making the transition from true life to fiction.

Atlanta author Colleen Oakley releases debut novel Before I Go

In her poignant debut novel, Before I Go, local freelance journalist Colleen Oakley uses likable characters and gallows humor to explore issues of death, life, coping, and letting go.

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