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cast-iron skillet

When my grandmother died, there was only one thing I wanted—her cast-iron skillet

The South has a way of sneaking into your soul. Although I grew up in Texas and spent decades in New York, my fondest memories are rooted in Alabama, where I spent my childhood summers with my grandparents. Images of tall Southern cakes, straw baskets brimming with peaches, and my apron-clad grandmother waving from her back porch still transport me to a place where I feel safe and loved.
Donald Trump

Commentary: Why I dread raising my daughters in the age of Trump

My daughters are three and six years old, and today I had to face them.
Emory University Donald Trump protest

Commentary: Emory students doth protest too much

One has to wonder: If the written words “Trump” are enough to send some students into a tailspin, how do they react to sound bites of Trump on NPR or clips of him on cable television? Do they unplug the TV? Do they submerge the radio in a vat of acid?
NYT on Atlanta

6 reasons the New York Times story on Atlanta restaurants gave me cultural indigestion

The headline of the piece was “Atlanta Pulls a Chair to the Table for Culinary Greats,” but after reading it, perhaps a more accurate one would have been “Bless Their Hearts.”
Midtown skyline

Commentary: Atlanta is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Here’s how we change that.

"History shows that affordable communities today may not be affordable tomorrow."
Centennial Olympic Park Bombing Memorial

Requiem for a Reporter: Kathy Scruggs

In her heyday, Kathy Scruggs was a hard-drinking, tough-talking police reporter who wasn't afraid of anything. Her raucous sense of humor was what I loved most about her.

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