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Keyatta Mincey-Parker A Sip of Paradise

Restaurant and bar workers need to de-stress. A bartender created community garden to help with that.

With the hospitality industry in a state of emergency as a result of COVID-19 and her job behind the bar at Bon Ton on hold, Keyatta Mincey-Parker is turning to the best source of hope and solace she knows: nature.

Want a community garden? Start now for 2012

About this time each year, the lush variety of produce in the farmers markets does a strange thing to me: It makes me want to have even more. As much as I love the farm stands stocked with tender salad greens and crunchy carrots, peppery radishes and arugula, sweet peas and earthy beets, it never seems like quite enough to grab it by the armful. I want to pull it from the earth with my own two hands.

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