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How to work out in your car

Atlantans spend a lot of time in cars—30.1 minutes each time we drive to work. That’s more than any other major city except New York, D.C., and Chicago. When you can’t move, use the delay to exercise. Personal trainer Carlos Jordan of Buckhead’s Ultimate Bodies by Carlos suggests trying the following exercises (but only when you’re at a complete stop!)

June 2013

I am part of the problem. I’ve suspected as much for a long time, but reading Rachael Maddux’s essay on riding MARTA forced me to face the truth head-on. The facts are simple: I live about 200 paces from a MARTA station, and from there it’s an eleven-minute ride—precisely—to Five Points station, from which it’s a ten-minute walk to my office.

Communal Commuting

When a subway train first begins to whine and shimmy as it pulls away from a station, for an instant everything inside is suspended. The g-forces have just begun to exert their will on the bodies inside the train cars, but the bodies haven’t yet had a chance to respond.

Riding to work with MARTA’s CEO

Standing on the platform of the Dunwoody station one late January morning, Keith Parker looks every bit the high-ranking executive—camel overcoat, dapper gray suit, trim goatee—except for one small detail: a broken-in leather briefcase that appears to have seen the floors of a few train cars.

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