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Local restaurants offer free meals for veterans today

A number of local restaurants are offering free meals for veterans today.From the Concentrics restaurant group:"All of our locations will be offering complimentary entrees to all military personnel, with a valid military I.D. Participants include: ONE. midtown kitchen, TWO urban licks, TAP, Murphy’s, LPC, Lobby Bar and Bistro, ROOM at Twelve, FLIP – Howell Mill, FLIP – Buckhead and HD1."

The Spence

A strange, witty, occasionally confounding, and often wonderful mix of eccentricities defines the Spence, the year's most anticipated opening. Its name carries an unofficial subtitle: "The restaurant where Richard Blais finally returns to the kitchen."

The first bit of idiosyncrasy is evident before you even enter the place. On the corner of Fifth and Spring streets, in front of the congested valet stand, sits a small wooden planter holding an overflow of herbs and flowers, with a chalkboard at the top that has "The SPENCE" written in neat, steady penmanship. It recalls a sign beckoning guests to a country bed-and-breakfast. But if it puts you in the mind-set of cottages and farmlands for a moment, the techno thumpity-thump vibrating in the restaurant’s door handle brings you right back to Atlanta.

Q&A With Bakeshop’s Jonathan St. Hilaire

Almost a year from the date of its opening, Midtown bakery Bakeshop, run by award-winning chef Jonathan St. Hilaire, has split from its partnership with Concentrics Restaurants. (In a press release, both parties portrayed the split as amiable.) I caught up with St. Hilaire right after the announcement and asked him a few quick questions about his plans for the future as an independent operator.

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