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Interview: Charles Halford of ‘Constantine’

Charles Halford, fresh off his high-visibility role as serial killer Reggie Ledoux in True Detective, is back as Chas Chandler in NBC’s new drama Constantine, based on DC Comics’ Hellblazer series. The show is filmed in Atlanta, and late this summer, we chatted with the co-star about life in "The Hollywood of the South.”

‘Constantine,’ filmed entirely in Atlanta, debuts this week

Evidently NBC hopes demons are the new zombies. Its new show, Constantine, filmed entirely in Atlanta, is based on a comics series about a demon hunter.

How to decode Atlanta movie production signs

Update 8/12: The mystery of 1159 has finally been solved. The code refers to NBC's upcoming drama Constantine, which is based on DC Comics' Hellblazer series.We recently pulled together a list of productions shooting...

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