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The burger as fetish

Growing up, I was terrified of my best friend’s grandmother, tiny but fierce with her shellacked black hair, penciled eyebrows, and penchant for telling us girls to “stand up straight.” When I confessed I had never eaten a burger at the Varsity, she declared my situation “un-American, un-Southern, and un-Christian.”

Drive bye: Saying farewell to the Ponce de Leon Zesto

September 20, 2014, marked the last day of service for Zesto on Ponce de Leon Avenue, the iconic chrome diner that served only ice cream when it first opened in 1954.

New Late-Night Eats: Cook Out

It’s easy to see why Cook Out, a North Carolina import that opened in East Atlanta this spring, became a colossal hit so quickly. Who doesn’t love a meal combo that includes a corn dog as a side?

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