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Couscous restaurant to open in former Amuse space this month

Haykel Arfaoui, owner of Perla Taqueria on Piedmont Road, will open Couscous, his second restaurant later this month. It will fill the space formerly home to Amuse on Dutch Valley Road near Piedmont Park, and serve “urban Mediterranean American” cuisine.

Stone-Ground Corn Grits Couscous with Shellfish, Caramelized Onions, and Glazed Turnips

From The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert. This shellfish couscous, a specialty of the southern coastal city of Essaouira, consists of a mound of golden corn couscous in the center of a huge platter surrounded with distinct piles of garnishes including luscious, raisin-rich caramelized onions, tender and sweet fleshed charmoula-soaked shrimps, fast-cooked opened mussels still in their shells, and baby glazed turnips tangled up with their leafy greens.

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