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Brick Store Pub 20th Anniversary

The Brick Store Pub: 20 years and lots of beer

When Dave Blanchard, Mike Gallagher, and Tom Moore opened the Brick Store Pub in Decatur on June 27, 1997, they had no idea the neighborhood pub would become known as one of the country's best beer bars.

Now on draft: Slice & Pint in-house brews by Crawford Moran

A range of excellent beer options have been available for some time at Slice & Pint in Emory Village, but the pizza restaurant/brewery that launched last summer has finally started pouring its own creations, fulfilling its mission as a destination for handcrafted pizza and handcrafted beer. Brewmaster and co-owner Crawford Moran says people who have enjoyed his beers at 5 Seasons Brewing will know what to expect: New beers, all the time. “I like to change it up,” Moran says.

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