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Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: A suicide attempt, state fossil oddities, and the Golden Sleaze awards

The best stories each week about Atlanta, from Atlanta-based writers, and beyond.

RIP Alt Weeklies

Over four decades, upstarts have tried—and failed—to take down Creative Loafing.

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: APS cheating fallout, pit bulls, and a black widow

Hall belonged to a movement of reformers who believed that the values of the marketplace could resuscitate public education. She approached the job like a business executive: she courted philanthropists, set accountability measures, and created performance objectives that were more rigorous than those required by No Child Left Behind, which became law in 2002. When a school met its targets, all employees, including bus drivers and cafeteria staff, received up to two thousand dollars. She linked teacher evaluations to test scores and warned principals that they’d be fired if they didn’t meet targets within three years. Eventually, ninety per cent were replaced. She repeated the mantra “No exceptions and no excuses.”

Atlanta Must-Reads of the Week: Smallpox, surveillance, dog babies, and turning down

The weekend's here, so it's a great time to catch up on these stories about Atlanta or by Atlanta writers.

Evidently Atlanta is the worst city for newspapers

In case you missed it—and you probably did, because as you’ll soon learn, Atlantans don’t read much news—Atlanta is the worst city in the country for newspaper readership.

Creative Loafing’s Scott Henry talking Newt on MSNBC

Here's my friend and former colleague Creative Loafing News Editor Scott Henry talking Newt on MSNBC last night. Scott has had his eye on Newt the 1990s, when Newt represented Cobb County in Congress and Scott was a reporter at the Marietta Daily Journal. Them was the olden days.

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