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Relentless: Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills chases a killer

The best Howard Sills could remember, there hadn’t been a double homicide in Putnam County since May 1984, 30 years earlier. In minutes, the mood inside the lake house swung from wild intensity to who the hell did this? This, the sheriff told himself, ain’t local talent.

Predictive policing crime prevention software successful for APD

Atlanta Police Lieutenant LeAnne Browning recalls her days as a patrol officer. “Our lieutenants would say, ‘Okay, I want you to look at the beat books so you can know what’s out there on your beat.’ Well, the beat books are like this thick with reports,” she says, holding her hands a couple of feet apart. “And you’d sit there and thumb through it all, and there was no time because they were then kicking you out of the precinct to handle calls.” She pauses before pointing to her computer screen. “That’s the old way of doing things. This­—it’s right here.”

June 2014

A few months ago I suggested to Charles Bethea that he look into the strange case of Aubrey Lee Price, the fugitive banker who was apprehended in Brunswick after eighteen months on the run. Wouldn’t it be cool, I thought, if we could find out what he’d been doing all that time?

The Many Lives of Aubrey Lee Price

The last memory Hannah Price has of her father before he vanished is waking up to him praying over her. That itself was not unusual; Aubrey Lee Price had always been a demonstrative Christian.

Q&A: Writer Charles Bethea talks about his experience interviewing Aubrey Lee Price

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the ten hours I spent mostly listening to him talk, and that I was genuinely moved by much of what he had to say about life, family and (occasionally) financial institutions. The details of his “departure,” as he called it, strained the limits of credulity, but the tears he cried behind bars, when he told me he’d probably never hug his children again, were as real as any I’ve ever seen.

How it feels to be a crime-fighting superhero

The Crimson Fist marched into the bowels of Atlanta—the Gulch—where he dodged freight trains, prowled the weeds for stolen property, and searched under bridges for homeless men he knows by name.

How it feels to be in a police chase

In 2011, Chief Gene Wilson used his cruiser to nudge a fleeing GMC Denali off the wet streets of his city, prompting the arrest of a serial bank robber behind the wheel.

How it feels to clean up after death

Paul Cervino is a Marine who has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, most recently in 2011. Stateside after that, he found himself in Arizona, in training to open a Bio-One franchise in Atlanta.

How it feels to be burglarized

Nicole Guerrero and her husband moved to East Atlanta in 2012. It wasn't long before they were initiated into a club where no one wants to be a member.

Where guns go to die

The Atlanta field office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives seized more than 900 firearms last fiscal year. Some end up in museums, while others are repurposed for use by law enforcement. But most of them are destroyed.

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