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If crime rates are so low, why am I so worried?

I’m driving home, just 150 yards from my house, when I see a white Chevy Tahoe in my driveway. According to social media and local news blogs, it’s the car a crew of burglars has been using for about a week to break into homes all around us—Oakhurst, Kirkwood, East Lake.

Where guns go to die

The Atlanta field office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives seized more than 900 firearms last fiscal year. Some end up in museums, while others are repurposed for use by law enforcement. But most of them are destroyed.

How it feels to be a crime-fighting superhero

The Crimson Fist marched into the bowels of Atlanta—the Gulch—where he dodged freight trains, prowled the weeds for stolen property, and searched under bridges for homeless men he knows by name.

How it feels to be burglarized

Nicole Guerrero and her husband moved to East Atlanta in 2012. It wasn't long before they were initiated into a club where no one wants to be a member.

May 2014

I don’t have much patience for nostalgia. Too often it feels like willful distortion. But as we worked on this month’s crime package, I kept thinking back to the town where I grew up.

How it feels to be falsely accused

As Clarence Harrison played poker at a neighbor’s home, a woman was attacked at a nearby bus stop. The assailant dragged her away, raped her, and stole her wristwatch. Harrison became a suspect when a confidential informant told police they’d heard someone was selling a watch at his home.

Mercy for Some

You have to go back almost ten years before December 9, 1938, to get to the beginning of this story. Ed Rivers was an up-and-coming politician then, serving as a state senator from Lakeland. It would be another eight years before Rivers would be elected governor, but he was trying to make a name for himself statewide, trying to lay a foundation.

Lawsuit: Teen beaten, then wrongfully jailed for two years thanks to DeKalb cops

An Atlanta-area youth was assaulted by a DeKalb County police officer, arrested, and served two years in a juvenile correctional facility, all for a crime he did not commit, according to a lawsuit filed in DeKalb County State Court on Tuesday. But what’s worse, the complaint claims, is that this wrongful incarceration may not have been an isolated oversight, but rather the result of problems endemic in the DeKalb juvenile justice system.

Norcross police roll out crime-predicting technology; make arrests on day one

It was more than intuition that drew a Norcross police officer to an extended-stay hotel. A computer program in her police cruiser had advised her to scope out that very hotel, at that very hour. When she arrived, she spotted a suspicious-looking man.

No death penalty for Georgia twin accused of murder

The death penalty is off the table in the case against a Georgia man who allegedly murdered his friend, Pensacola journalist Sean Dugas, and buried the body in his father’s Winder, Georgia backyard. This news comes from Dugas’s former employer, the Pensacola News Journal.

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