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Cupcakin’ brings key lime pie and Madagascar bourbon vanilla treats to Midtown

Come December, Colony Square visitors will have more dessert options to choose from. Cupcakin’ Bake Shop is opening an 1,100-square-foot shop and to-go window next to King of Pops in the courtyard. A California-based company, Cupcakin’ brings cupcakes, cakes, and cookies to the mixed-use development.
Essential Atlanta pastries

The essential elements of Atlanta pastry

Creamy, flaky, fancy, red, green, vegan, Brazilian—whatever kind of treat you’re looking for, here’s where to find it.

10 peach dishes you need to try now

Given that our ubiquitous state fruit has made its way onto our license plates and street signs on practically every corner, it should come as no surprise that local chefs are also tinkering with the Georgia peach in a number of creative ways.

Cupcakes meet Christmas at Sugar Moon Bake Shop

Amy Kiefer has always been comfortable in the kitchen, but she didn’t decide to make a living at baking until the organization she worked at faced budget cuts.

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