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Culinary travel: Where to eat while visiting Dallas/Fort Worth

Culinary travel: Where to eat while visiting Dallas/Fort Worth

The buzziest restaurants in DFW often cater to the affluent and exist mainly for being seen. But beneath the region’s soulless tangle, however, a homegrown dining scene shaped by its diverse local communities is quietly thriving. Much like a teenager finding their way in the world, Dallas does best when it stops trying to emulate others.
Five spots to find solace in the great outdoors

Five spots to find solace in the great outdoors near metro Atlanta

From a quiet monastery in Conyers to a serene bike trail in Dallas, Georgia.
The Stitch

The Stitch: An ambitious proposal to build parks and housing above The Connector

An alliance of neighborhood boosters and downtown landowners is pushing an ambitious new proposal, bearing an estimated price tag of $300 million. They believe it can bring about a fresh renaissance in Atlanta’s urban core and finally erase the half-century-old barrier between downtown and Midtown.

Ten-thousand demonstrators flood Atlanta’s streets in response to tragic shootings

“Let's just be the best versions of ourselves,” Mayor Kasim Reed told protesters, encouraging them to keep on exercising their constitutional rights “in the spirit of Dr. King.”

Fly Southwest Airlines three times and your buddy flies free. We did it for under $300.

With low prices from Atlanta to commemorate Southwest’s finalized acquisition of AirTran and cheap fares out of Dallas marking the end of the Wright Amendment, I had the perfect bargain storm. I spent roughly $45 for each of six flights—and earned a companion pass for the low cost of $270.60.

Get away to Dallas–Fort Worth

Stereotypes cling to Dallas and Fort Worth more tenaciously than pits to early-season peaches. Dallas, according to popular thought, exists in a perpetual purgatory of big-haired women and J.R. Ewing–like men who sport Stetsons and call everyone “darlin’.”

Who killed J.R. Ewing (again)?

The Ewings descend on an el cheapo hotel south of the border in the opening moments of tonight's tribute to Larry Hagman on TNT's Dallas at9 p.m. Oil man patriarch J.R. Ewing was supposed to be in Abu Dhabi cutting a business deal. So why is his bullet-riddled body in a Mexican morgue?

At 80, Larry Hagman remains devilish as J.R. scores a scheming son in TNT’s Dallas relaunch

TNT pulls off the seemingly impossible with its stylish relaunch of the “Dallas” franchise debuting Wednesday night at 9 p.m.on the Atlanta-based basic cable drama network — it immediately sucks you back into the original show’s nonsensical whirlpool of greed, illicit affairs, oil and real estate. But it’s a guilty pleasure with a legacy and soul.

TNT unveils its buff new “Dallas” reboot ad campaign

At this point, we don't even care if this summer's reincarnation of "Dallas" on TNT is any good. The ad campaign revealed Wednesday by the Atlanta-based drama network is hilarious. Somehow, they convinced Larry Hagman (who is now 80!), Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, the veteran actors from the original long-running CBS nighttime sudser to hit the showers with their nubile next generation cast members, including former "Desperate Housewives" actors Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe (who play squabbling Ewing cousins, natch) and "Fast and Furious" thespian Jordana Brewster.

Hagman, Duffy, Gray spawn a new generation of family dysfunction in reboot of “Dallas”

Good news, Ewing family fight fans. If the 1 minute and 6 second sneak peek of next summer's TNT reboot of "Dallas" is any indication, sibling rivalry and imploding family units remain the chief export of Ewing Oil, even in the age of "Dr. Phil."

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