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Political Photo Op of the Day: Mitt Romney and Sam Olens at the Varsity

The election is less than five weeks away. Which means things will only get more interesting. Today that meant Mitt Romney stopping by Atlanta's iconic fast-food landmark.

Cramming for the Midterms: Michelle Nunn vs. David Perdue

One of the country’s most closely watched Senate races pits Democrat Michelle Nunn against Republican David Perdue. Both bill themselves as Washington outsiders. How else are they alike—or different?

David Perdue won the GOP runoff and plenty of people were surprised

As polls were closing in Georgia yesterday, "everyone" was predicting that Jack Kingston, the longtime congressman, would edge out David Perdue, cousin of Sonny and former Dollar General CEO. Which goes to show, that the conventional wisdom only goes so far. A social media recap of one of the most suspense—and surprising—midterm runoff election results in recent memory:

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