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Fried Chicken Livers with Poached Peaches on Arugula

David Sweeney is best known for the stunning salads and vegan creations he served at his still-missed Old Fourth Ward restaurant, Dynamic Dish, which closed in 2010. He was born in Fort Gordon, Georgia, but his military family moved to Europe when he was young, and he lived there for nearly three decades.

David Sweeney debuts as Cakes & Ale’s bakery lunch chef today

It’s a joyful day for those of us who have missed David Sweeney’s cooking: The chef-owner of closed Dynamic Dish begins today as lunch chef at the Cakes & Ale bakery. Sweeney notes that, fittingly, the opportunity to work with Billy Allin, Cakes & Ale’s chef-owner, arose organically. “Billy and I always run into each, it’s almost serendipitous,” says Sweeney. “It’s almost always in a farmers market, and we’re both paying such attention to the produce we’re buying that we don’t even realize the other is there until we look up."

Restaurant Eugene hires David Sweeney

I’m still in deep mourning over the closing of Dynamic Dish. In my many years as a rapacious eater, professional or otherwise, I’d never found a restaurant that left me feeling so nourished. I will miss it for a long, long time.

Dynamic Dish reopens, more changes planned

After being closed for five weeks of renovations, Dynamic Dish quietly reopened last weekend. Lord, did I miss how energized I feel after eating David Sweeney’s clean, market-driven cooking. Sweeney did much of the renovations himself, and the look isn’t radically different: The little booth where servers tabulated checks became a second restroom, and the bar looks swankier and has more seating—as befitting the alcoholic libations you’ll soon be able to sip there. Sweeney expects his liquor license to come through at the beginning of August.

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