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A bright, green future as Agnes Scott College goes solar

The first building in DeKalb County to have electricity will soon go solar

When it was built in 1891, Agnes Scott College’s Main Hall was an instant spectacle. It wasn’t for the High Victorian Gothic architecture, the bell tower, or the steam-heated interior corridors. The hall made headlines because it was the first building in DeKalb County to have electricity—described as “startling” to the town. The community would often gather at the building’s base, simply to see the lights come on. Fast-forward 133 years, and Agnes Scott Hall, as it’s formally called, will soon draw the majority of its electricity from solar power.
Ask Atlanta: What’s the status of the refurb of Spaghetti Junction’s abandoned Presidential Hotel?

Ask Atlanta: What’s the status of the refurb of Spaghetti Junction’s abandoned Presidential Hotel?

At this point, it’s not just rundown. Not merely blighted, or even postapocalyptic. It’s like a 15-story set for one of the Saw movies—all bleak corridors, scary shadows, busted concrete, and bad graffiti. And unfortunately, the former Presidential Hotel serves as a sort of cylindrical front door for not just DeKalb County but all of ITP Atlanta, at least for anyone headed down from, say, Lilburn, Buford, or Charlotte. It’s been called one of the metro’s most visible buildings and one of its worst eyesores.
Dope Coffee fuses java with hip-hop

Dope Coffee fuses java with hip-hop

Coffee and hip-hop, they're one and the same,” says co-owner and chief marketing officer Stace Loyd. “It’s notes, it's flavor wheels, the same as you have a note scale. You punch in an MPC pad, it's the same as dialing a roast in, EQing, it's the exact same thing.”
Stop Cop City protestors South River Forest Atlanta

“The birds stopped singing”: Inside the battle for Atlanta’s South River Forest

Over the centuries, the South River Forest has been many things: Indigenous land, a prison farm, a dumping ground—and the keystone of an ambitious proposal to incorporate nature into Atlanta’s growth. But in 2021, people living nearby were surprised to learn that the city had different plans for it: a massive new police training facility.
A rally at DeKalb County courthouse condemns domestic terrorism charges for “Stop Cop City” protestors

A rally at the DeKalb County courthouse condemns domestic terrorism charges for “Stop Cop City” protestors

For many in attendance, it was a fitting way to spend Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “They arrested Dr. King 29 times—29 times!” Kamau Franklin told a crowd of around 70 protestors assembled in front of the DeKalb County courthouse, many of them part of a loose coalition of activist groups, environmentalists, and concerned citizens united against a planned 85-acre, $90 million Atlanta police and firefighter training facility in the South River Forest.
A love letter to Arabia Mountain

A love letter to Arabia Mountain

In 2015, when my wife and I moved to Atlanta, I was looking for familiarity. I found it in a granite rock called Arabia Mountain.

Serving as a juror for a DeKalb murder case, I learned to appreciate the cost of justice

"Already, this tragedy felt like none of my business, like I had a front-row seat to someone else’s trauma. These were real people with real lives and real pain, all physically in the same room as us. All but the victim." An Atlanta writer describes what it's like to be a juror in a murder trial and what she learned about the legal system.
Old Atlanta Prison Farm Cop City

The land slated to become the controversial “Cop City” training center has already lived many lives

The Old Atlanta Prison Farm was the subject of an ACLU lawsuit in the 1980s. It also contains the graves of several zoo animals.
What's going on with Cop City

Next stop, Cop City? What’s happening with the controversial plan for a new police and fire training center in DeKalb

On September 8, Atlanta City Council voted 10 to 4 in favor of a proposal to build a training center for police and firefighters on 85 acres of land in south DeKalb County. The vote came amid fierce controversy and followed 17 hours of public comment. Here's why many groups are opposed to the plan, and what could happen next.
Everything you need to know election day Atlanta

What you need to know to vote on June 9 in metro Atlanta

When do the polls open? Can I still cast my absentee ballot? What if my absentee ballot never came? We answer your June 9 primary election day questions.

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