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DeKalb schools ‘family and friends hiring’ comes under fire

DeKalb County schools are just one big (unhappy? dysfunctional?) family.

SCOTUS ruling forces a new strategy for DeKalb groups

Civil rights organizations in Georgia are scrambling to come up with a strategy to respond to yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

And now from DeKalb, some non-news on schools

Teachers are not fleeing DeKalb County schools.

The DeKalb school board saga continues . . .

The saga of the DeKalb County school board isn’t likely to end any time soon. While the board met Monday to discuss its budget, its fate seemed more precarious than the district’s finances.

Reinstating DeKalb board will not help keep accreditation

Five of the six suspended DeKalb County school board members have asked the governor to give them back their jobs. All have a common message: My reinstatement would “more likely than not” improve the district’s chances to remain accredited.

DeKalb school board is all business—just not business as usual

Even with routine agenda items, there was nothing routine about the first meeting of the new DeKalb County school board.

Why Michael Thurmond has a chance to save DeKalb schools

It was an encounter worthy of a reality TV show. A roomful of parents and homeowners, angry and distrustful and ready to bolt from the disgraced DeKalb County schools. The new superintendent standing before them with one shot to win them over.

Note to DeKalb parents: Decatur schools are full

As the crisis in DeKalb County schools rages on, many parents are ready to bail. They haven’t given up on public education. They just want a district that works. DeKalb parents have been calling the tiny City of Decatur system, hoping for open spots.

Viola Davis, a Brown v. Board veteran, gets into the DeKalb School Board battle

Viola Davis was destined to battle the powers that be. She grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and at six, walked down the street to first grade at Monroe Elementary, a two-story, red-brick school that now is part of a museum commemorating the famous 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education desegregation case. Now Davis is at the crest of a wave of angry DeKalb residents, so angry that they have abandoned the usual blame-game between north and south DeKalb to come together against the school board.

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