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Tori Tinsley “Forest Hug”

Atlantan Tori Tinsley uses art to cope with the slow loss of her mother to dementia

Two bubblegum-pink blobular creatures stand in an unfamiliar woods in Tori Tinsley’s acrylic painting, “Forest Hug.” One reaches toward the other, who looks away without reaching back. The eye-popping work may look cartoonish, but it’s an artistic expression of Tinsley’s grief.
Groundbreakers 2016

Amy’s Place

When Pam Van Ahn greets you at the front door of Amy’s Place, she has a tail-wagging companion, Earl. The friendly black dachshund was previously owned by Van Ahn’s late mother, Carol, who was diagnosed with dementia and passed away in 2012. Van Ahn, a former nurse who moved to Roswell in 2011 to take care of her mother, says that her family created Amy’s Place—a unique gathering space known as a “memory care cafe” for people with dementia and their families—after learning firsthand what caregivers go through.
John-Robert Ward II

My Father Has Gifted Hands: A heartbreaking photo essay on dementia

I was away at photography school, Creative Circus in Atlanta, when my mom started to suspect something was wrong with my dad. It wasn’t one moment, more like a series of subtle changes in his behavior.

Still Alzheimer’s: A roundtable discussion on the disease

When a deadly disease has no cure, no prevention, and no life-changing treatment, our natural response is fear and denial. Even physicians are prone to avoid discussing Alzheimer’s.

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