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For young college grads, why is metro Atlanta no longer the draw it used to be?

If you were to stroll along the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail on a Friday evening, stop for dinner at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, or take in a concert on the lawn at the Fourth Ward Skate Park, you’d be convinced that Atlanta is teeming with young creative and professional types. And if you walked a little farther and saw the apartment buildings mushrooming along the trail, you’d probably conclude that even more youthful residents are on their way.

Big Projects on Atlanta School Campuses

For parents who want proof that chipping in for those capital campaigns can deliver: Several shiny new buildings and facilities opened on campuses across metro Atlanta this year, with upgrades ranging from high-tech to hands-on.

Report: Atlanta is the most sprawling big metro in the U.S.

The study examined the correlation between sprawl and economic mobility. People who live in high-sprawl metro areas have lower rates of economic opportunity than those who live in more densely developed cities. “A low income person in a compact area has much better access to jobs,” said lead research Reid Ewing.

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