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Atlanta's Elliott Street Pub closes

Farewell to Atlanta’s Elliott Street Pub

The pinnacle of self-defense, apparently, is not a gun or a bat or a knife; it is a well-used toilet brush. “It’s the best weapon in the bar,” Mike Jakob says on Wednesday, taking a smoke outside Elliott Street Pub, the Castleberry Hill establishment he’s long owned with his brother, Pete. “You want someone to leave, you don’t even have to touch them if you’re holding a toilet brush.”

5 must-visit dive bars across the Southeast

No-frills institutions that set the bar high for cheap beer and good times
One night at Northside Tavern

One night at Northside Tavern

Amid a landscape of shiny new “West Midtown” development, a shabby old blues club is an oasis of old-school debauchery.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Dive Bar: Northside Tavern

Sparkly new buildings are going up on all sides of the iconic Northside Tavern, a grungy box serving up PBR and live blues music nightly—now smack-dab in the middle of the burgeoning Westside.

Ode to the dive bar

The Austin Avenue Buffet, which legend has it was once Atlanta’s oldest drinking establishment, closed around the millennium with a tearful auction of its artifacts.

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