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No, you can’t ride the Atlanta Streetcar. But you can look at these sneak peek photos.

The Atlanta Streetcar is delayed—again. While it looked like the $100 million project might be up and rolling in late summer, the new target date is November. After ballooning budget issues and multiple delays...

The Center for Civil and Human Rights connects Atlanta legacy and current conflicts

As its name suggests, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which opens to the public on Monday, is about two struggles—the American one that was fought primarily in the South in the latter half of the twentieth century, and the worldwide one that involves oppressed peoples in distant (and not-so-distant) lands. While there’s an obvious thematic linkage between the American Civil Rights Movement and the broader human rights one, the line between them must have been a challenge for the Center’s designers to straddle. One has a built-in narrative, with a beginning and middle (if not yet an ending), and the other requires navigating the vast space beneath the human rights umbrella, whether it’s oppressed women in Africa, child laborers in Pakistan, or tortured activists in Burma.

Preview: Center for Civil and Human Rights

Nearly a decade ago, Evelyn Lowery, Juanita Abernathy, and Andrew Young met with then mayor Shirley Franklin to officially launch a project that civic leaders had been dreaming about for far longer. That vision comes to life this month as the Center for Civil and Human Rights opens its doors.

Taking a spin at the Polaris

The reimagined Polaris opens to the public June 10. The iconic revolving restaurant that first opened in 1967 now houses two living room spaces, a bar, and a small restaurant. There's a definite emphasis on cocktails and socializing over dining.

The Polaris Comes Full Circle

From the moment you push the oval Polaris button inside the glass elevator of the Hyatt Regency, the stomach-flipping wonder returns. In nineteen seconds, you’re rocketed up the atrium’s hanging ivy–accented twenty-two stories, through the roof, and out into the Downtown sky. Then you ascend into the space-pod lounge, hovering 312 feet above the lobby of the forty-seven-year-old hotel.

2014 will be big for downtown

A.J. Robinson, the president of Central Atlanta Progress, this morning said the current “surge of activity” in downtown Atlanta is unlike anything the city has seen in decades.

Trayvon Martin rally: ‘We must move from stand your ground to common ground’

Neither Kathy Sanders nor her son, Rico, had ever attended a political rally before, but they joined thousands of people in downtown Atlanta Saturday afternoon to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin and call for an end to racial profiling.

If you wanted to ride a giant Ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta, you’ll have to wait a little longer

If you were hoping for a Ferris wheel and fireworks combo, you’re out of luck: SkyView Atlanta won’t open in time for Fourth of July.

Construction starts on Atlanta’s Ferris wheel

It may not look like much now, but come July 2, this spot across the way from Centennial Olympic Park will house Atlanta’s 200-foot tall Ferris wheel. Step one: Create the waiting-to-board area. About 15,000 pounds of concrete will be poured here starting this evening. (We showed up at the media photo op time to find the actual concrete demo a little behind schedule.)

Own a piece of the College Football Hall of Fame

Missed out on the chance to buy a brick when Centennial Olympic Park was under construction? Or want to add your name to another spot of Downtown's tourism central? With the College Football Hall of Fame’s new fundraising campaign, fans can both show their support and own a piece of the Hall.

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