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Dragon Con/Trader Vic's

Ogle the Dragon Con costumes (or show off your own) at Trader Vic’s

Our fave spot to eyeball the Dragon Con crowd: Trader Vic’s, a festive tiki bar located on the lower level of the Hilton.

19 fantastic Atlanta events for kids and families in September

The weather may be cooling off, but events season is heating up again, with new museum exhibits, kid-friendly stage shows, festivals, and more.

How the TSA became an Instagram star

Hear “Transportation Security Administration” and you imagine stern-faced agents inspecting carry-ons. But the TSA as social media mavens? You bet.

Ed Kramer pleads guilty to molestation charges

On Monday, finally docketed as the day jury selection was to begin, Kramer actually expedited the legal process by pleading guilty to three counts of felony child molestation in Gwinnett County Superior Court. In exchange, the DragonCon co-founder was sentenced to five years house arrest for each count, to be served concurrently.

Ed Kramer’s child molestation trial to begin Dec. 2

As his long-postponed trial date on child molestation charges approaches, Ed Kramer and DragonCon—the sci-fi convention he co-founded more than a quarter-century ago—have now severed all ties. As of noon today, according to DragonCon spokesman Greg Euston, an out-of-court settlement between Kramer and DragonCon went into effect in which DragonCon will pay Kramer for the shares he still held in the company—shares that entitled him to dividends and which prompted some longtime attendees to boycott the convention.

6 important things you learn at DragonCon

Don’t be quick to dismiss DragonCon—the annual Labor Day convergence of geeks, freaks, sci-fi fans, video game enthusiasts, and other niche subcultures in downtown Atlanta—as a mere freakshow.

DragonCon cofounder Ed Kramer’s saga

Claiming numerous illnesses and infirmities, the DragonCon cofounder and accused child molester has delayed his trial for more than a decade. By 2011, he's enjoying the perks of indefinite bond: meeting with Hollywood producers, touring a Kentucky film set, living in a Brooklyn apartment...

Atlanta ranks No. 1 for steampunk

You're more likely to find someone sporting 19th-century goggles, a bustier, a pocket watch, and a machine arm while riding a skeletal, steam-powered tractor in Atlanta than you are in any other U.S. city.

How smart is Atlanta? That depends on whom you ask.

Well knock me down and steal muh teeth! The real-estate blog Movoto (which ranked Atlanta as the country’s top city for both nerds and rednecks) also graded America’s cities based on six “pieces of criteria.” Atlanta came out at number four on the Movoto list of the smartest cities. But in another ranking, we didn't even make the top twenty.

Atlanta ranked No. 1 for nerdiness

This week’s news in ranking: according to the Movoto.com blog, Atlanta tops the nation in nerdiness. Of course, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics from Georgia Tech to know that very few of these rosters pass statistical muster, but still, who can resist a list? Not us.

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