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Ed Kramer asks for new bond, despite violating old one

Having been extradited back to Georgia from Connecticut after apparently violating one of the most lenient bond agreements imaginable, DragonCon co-founder Ed Kramer has now summoned the chutzpah to ask to be bonded out of the Gwinnett County jail, where he awaits trial on decade-old child-molestation charges.

DragonCon CEO feeling pressure from proposed boycott

In the wake of an Atlanta magazine article last September that detailed the financial interest that DragonCon co-founder and accused child molester Ed Kramer still holds in the Atlanta sci-fi convention, a campaign calling for a boycott of the annual event has been gaining ground.

In the Shadows

The stranger arrived at the movie set late in the evening. Crew members preparing for a long night’s shoot were told the short and stocky, heavily bearded man had come to watch over one of the film’s stars, a fourteen-year-old boy whose mother was leaving in a few hours for a flight to California.

The three (possibly four) weirdest things I spotted at DragonCon 2012

“Don’t overthink it,” my editor suggested when assigning me to scope out Day One of DragonCon 2012. “Just go over and write about the three weirdest things you see.”

MARTA is the engine for Atlanta’s epic Labor Day weekend

One reason I love working Downtown is that the streets on any average weekday have an almost Manhattan-like energy. But when big events blow through town, as they often do, pedestrians flood the crosswalks and drivers start blaring horns, and it really feels like the Big City.

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