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Best of Atlanta 2015

Drag Show: Stars of the Century

The doors to this riotous drag show at Jungle Atlanta open at 10:30 p.m. every Monday, but the real action doesn’t start for another two hours.
Little Trouble

New Cocktail Bar: Little Trouble

Inside the Westside's White Provision building, walk through a concrete tunnel towards the wall of neon to find this spacious pad, inspired by Blade Runner and created by the team behind Paper Plane and Victory Sandwich Bar.
Grocery On Home

Under-The-Radar Music Venue: Grocery On Home

To see a show here, you’ll have to RSVP on Facebook (there are no tickets) and head down a quiet residential street in Grant Park, where homeowner Matt Arnett has turned a former grocery into one of the city’s most intimate music rooms.
H. Harper Station

Personal Endorsement: H. Harper Station

As luck would have it, one of Atlanta’s top cocktail destinations is less than five minutes from my doorstep, in a quiet section of Reynoldstown along the Atlanta BeltLine.
Best of Atlanta 2015

New Wine Bar: The Cafe at Cakes & Ale

Jordan Smelt isn’t working with much space inside the bakery adjacent to Cakes & Ale, but he hardly needs more than eight bar stools to charm the New World pants off any California-loving sipper.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Open-Mic Night: Duets At Kat’s Cafe

Two years ago, when songwriter Kyle Kirkland didn’t have time to prep for a solo gig, he decided to invite some of his talented friends onstage—creating a monthly showcase for the city’s best emerging musicians.
Best of Atlanta 2015

Mocktails: Kimball House

There’s no formal mocktail menu, but Miles Macquarrie and his team of challenge-loving bartenders need just a few key words to assemble something intoxicating in every way but one.
Emergency Drinking Beer

New Beer: Emergency Drinking Beer, Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Introduced last spring, Emergency Drinking Beer—and its eye-catching yellow can—proved to be precisely what we needed to survive, frankly, everything.

Place to Drink and Shop: Avalon

Almost unbelievably, Avalon’s liberal-with-a-capital-L open container policy lets you roam the entire property with a boozy drink in hand.
Hop City

New Spot To Grab A Pint: Hop City Bar At Krog Street Market

Hop City’s Westside retail market has long been a destination for craft beer and wine. So we could hardly contain ourselves last December when the shop opened an Inman Park outpost with one major bonus: an adjacent draft-only bar.

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