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Planting No. 100,000 for Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta was founded in 1985 by Central Atlanta Progress, the Atlanta Parks Commission, and the Junior League of Atlanta. The organization was formed in response to massive tree loss cause by urban development. On March 27, the organization will plant its 100,000th tree.

Land rush continues for proposed new DeKalb cities

First came Dunwoody, which snatched up Perimeter Center, arguably the richest square mile of commercial property in metro Atlanta. Then came Brookhaven, which successfully padded its tax rolls with parcels lying far outside its historic neighborhood borders.

Why Michael Thurmond has a chance to save DeKalb schools

It was an encounter worthy of a reality TV show. A roomful of parents and homeowners, angry and distrustful and ready to bolt from the disgraced DeKalb County schools. The new superintendent standing before them with one shot to win them over.

Genius Barred

The Department of Homeland Security's color-coded terror alert system is deader than Bin Laden, but that's not stopping patriotic clerks at two metro Atlanta Apple stores from being straight-up CodeOrangeDon'tTreadOnMeLeeGreenwoodIsMyCo-Pilot Vigilant Dudes.

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