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Jen Jordan Georgia State Senator

The Passion of Jen Jordan: How an unlikely politician became the new voice of Georgia’s Democratic party

Jen Jordan is now approached constantly by women—“it’s almost always women,” she says—telling her how much her speech meant to them and sharing their own stories of reproductive trauma: infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion. Still, although she is strongly pro-choice, Jordan says she never wanted to be known as “the abortion speech lady.”
Magnolia Music and Medicine Show

Welcome to the Magnolia Music and Medicine Show

Karl Hilliard dreamed up the Medicine Show nine years ago, and its fusion of small-town idiosyn­crasy with star musical talent has made the spectacle an unlikely success. A supremely charming, rough-hewn cross between A Prairie Home Companion and the Grand Ole Opry, the Medicine Show is hosted six times a year by the hospitable citizens of Eastman.

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