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50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta

50 Ways to Play Outside in Atlanta and Beyond

Time to get outside and play! From basketball to fishing to hiking to hanging out in a hammock, here's 50 great things to do outdoors around Atlanta.
Best of Atlanta 2021 Things to do

Best of Atlanta 2021: Do

Our 2021 Best of Atlanta picks for things to do—here's where you can rock climb, get your nails done, ride a bike, see a movie, and more.
Elevated Picnics

Elevated Picnics creates Pinterest-perfect, outdoors-ish affairs

Under a waterproof tent, Kaneisha Montague and Saaghir Mitchell arrange mounds of pillows and throws, boho-chic textiles, even books, in a vision-board version of your living room. And then, they serve food.

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