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Flu busters: Medical minds strive for universal vaccination

f you were vaccinated against the flu this past winter, you had a 61 percent chance of emerging from the season without getting the bug. That’s according to the CDC, which—along with researchers at Georgia State, Emory, and Georgia Tech—is working to improve the odds even more.

If the Yerkes Center retires its chimpanzees, where will they go?

Chimpanzees have a sense of fair play. They feel empathy; a chimp will yawn when another does. They cooperate, and after a fight, they seek to reconcile. These insights—that chimpanzees possess an innate morality once thought to be uniquely human—emerged in part from studies conducted at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University. But such findings led to an uneasy question: If chimpanzees are so much like us, should we experiment on them at all?

Big projects on campus: What’s going up at Georgia’s colleges

It’s a law of nature: Every college is constantly under construction. But from street level, it can be hard to tell whether what’s in the works is supercool (a high-tech lab? a rec center?) or downright dull (another parking garage?). Here’s a tour of some of the more exciting projects underway on Georgia campuses.

Taking the next step: Georgia’s largest medical, law, and MBA programs

A quick guide to help you compare Georgia's largest grad schools and eventually decide—what's next?

Three resources for enriching your skill sets

Want to upgrade your career but not go back to earn a new degree? Here are three resources for learning specific skills to help yourself get ahead.

Emory study: Kindergarten weight and obesity

A study by researchers from Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health suggests that the development of obesity is mostly set by the time kids start kindergarten.

Now in research news

Here’s news to chase off any wintry chill. Emory University researchers have made a futuristic prediction about the number of heat wave deaths—in the years 2057 to 2059.

HOPE Scholarship: The pros

The HOPE scholarship program was launched two decades ago with three specific goals: increase the number of Georgians with postsecondary education, improve the overall quality of the state’s university system, and stanch the exodus of high-achieving students. HOPE has accomplished all three aims—and then some. Over the past two decades, the number of Georgians with college degrees increased from 19 to 28 percent.

Dogs ease exam stress at Emory

Admit it. You still have nightmares that you're walking into class ready to take a final exam and you didn't study. Hoping to ease the tension of finals, Emory University librarians are bringing in service dogs for a pet therapy study break the first two days of finals.

At Walker Stalker, Emory brains weigh in on zombie ethics

During the Walker Stalker con, Emory University served up four of its fattest, juiciest brains for a Saturday morning panel discussion on Zombie Ethics. The results were, um, heady.

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