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Extended Interview: Michael Leo Owens

1. Metro Atlanta’s population is projected to top 7 million by 2030. What do you think is the single most important thing that should be done to prevent that growth in population from making our traffic congestion even worse that it already is?

View from the Brain Trust

Ebenezer Aka, political science professor and director of the Urban Studies Program at Morehouse, is an expert in urban planning. (Read his extended responses here.)

The Innovation Index

Arthritis Simulation Gloves
Here’s a novel way to make jars and packages easier to open: Let manufacturers see what it’s like to handle products with arthritic hands. These gloves, developed by Georgia Tech Research Institute engineers, stiffen the joints and make it harder to grip, turn, and push down on lids. Some manufacturers are already using the empathy-inducing handwear in product trials, and builders are using them to test doorknobs and cabinet drawers. That should enable companies to prepare for an aging population.

Harriet Robinson

The problem is invisible. The solution is expressed in a symbology that few laypeople can decipher. And despite more than a decade of development, any substantive sign of that solution’s effect on humanity is still, at best, years away. But in terms of impact, it doesn’t get much bigger, clearer, and more immediate than the prospect of a successful HIV vaccine.

Two poems for Natasha Trethewey, our new poet laureate

Checking in again on the status of the sketches for the Daily Agenda blog. There has been some discussion about possibly going in a different direction for the banner, but we would love to see your sketches if you have done them. If you haven't done them yet, check with me first before you start.

Market flourishes on busy Emory campus

At a time of year when many farmers markets are on hiatus, one is at its peak: Emory Farmers Market.The market is tied to the academic schedule, so it’s closed during university breaks, including summer. But when class is in session—right now—the market is at full throttle. The arrangement gives vendors and consumers another way to connect during the lean winter months.

How to catch more zzzs

Blame it on the job market, the pollen, or the Internet. Heck, blame it on the weather. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep in Atlanta.

How to relieve stress

Anyone who drives during rush hour in metro Atlanta knows why stress is a problem here. Our 30.8-minute average commute is the fourth-worst in the nation, according to the U.S. Census.

Campus Ambassador: Nicole Azores-Gococo, Emory University

Emory is academically strong in every department from neuroscience to dance, with a wide array of faculty who very clearly love what they do. On any given day, some student organization is hosting a multicultural dinner, a charity event, a concert, or a discussion of global issues. What I love is the opportunities Emory gives students to pursue their passions.

Profile: Emory University

Spanning more than 600 acres in Druid Hills, the Italian Renaissance–style architecture of Emory's campus reflects the international character of its student body. Most of its undergraduates are from out of state, and 120 other countries are represented by more than 3,000 international students.

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