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Local sommelier moves one step closer to earning master title

How much do you know about wine? Could you list every grape varietal grown in southeastern France or name every major wine village along the Rhine River? Eric Crane can—and on Monday, he passed the first segment of a 3-part test in his quest to become a master sommelier, a coveted certification that only 147 people have in the United States.

Let’s drink more Australian wine

Is Australian wine only good for underfunded bachelorette parties? And to tackle another stereotype: Do they only grow punch-you-in-the-face, boozy bottles of Shiraz (what the French call, Syrah)? To find out, I sat down with Eric Crane, an advanced sommelier and a wine educator for Empire Distributors. I asked him to pour wines that that showed off Australia’s range between $15 and $50.

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