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Andrew Young eulogy John Portman memorial service

Andrew Young’s eulogy for John Portman

"He wanted a world where people could be true to themselves and where the clashes of colors were forced upon you and you had to appreciate everything and everybody, different though they may be. Everything he had and everything he did had some powerful social meaning and purpose."
Pat Conroy

A eulogy for Pat Conroy

Bernie Schein’s eulogy for Pat Conroy, delivered by Schein’s daughter, Maggie, at Conroy’s funeral on March 8, 2016.
Zell Miller goodbye

From the Archives: Saying goodbye to Zell Miller, the man who says goodbye best

In our December 1998 issue, we profiled Zell Miller as he prepared to leave the Governor's Mansion, and described how he had a particular knack for giving a good eulogy.

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