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Neighborhood Showcase: Atlanta Streets Alive

Atlanta Streets Alive closes off traffic—allowing you to walk, bike, or skateboard through a neighborhood—and gives you the chance to explore miles of the city at sidewalk level.

New Bike Tour: Civil Bikes

Civil Bikes owner Nedra Deadwyler marries civil rights, history lessons, and art with a two-wheeled showcase of the Old Fourth Ward and downtown. According to our testers, a ride with Deadwyler feels more like...

Walking Dead Thrills: Atlanta Movie Tours

With the “Big Zombie Tour Part 2,” Atlanta Movie Tours brings Senoia’s decrepit Walking Dead locations back to life. Our guide, a veteran walker on the show (claim to fame: he was once kicked in the chest by Michonne), had all the behind-the-scenes stories fans could want.

Insight Into Atlanta’s Past: Oakland Cemetery

“All of Atlanta’s history is buried in Oakland Cemetery,” the tour guides like to say, and during a 90-minute guided walk through Atlanta’s oldest cemetery, you’ll understand why.

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